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Professional Midwifery Fees

Global Fee:  Is a discounted cash only fee paid in full for professional Midwifery services before the 36 week appointment.  It includes all prenatal and postpartum appointments, including the birth (regardless of homebirth or hospital).  $300.00 Non-Refundable Registration at the time of orientation visit is applied to the entire fee as an initial payment to secure your due date with the Midwife.

In Lafayette $3500    

50 mi outside Lafayette radius $3750 

75-100 mi outside Lafayette radius $4000

Clients desiring a home birth and living beyond 100 miles can be referred to practicing Midwives in Louisiana who work in those Parishes.  We do not cover beyond a 100 mile radius of our offices located in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Fee for Service: Late Transfer, VBAC

Prenatal Midwifery Care only:

  • Late transfer of care to MCSLA requires client to have begun Prenatal care with an OB or Licensed CNM/CPM/M no later than 20 weeks. Transfer to MCSLA with current records to be approved by Midwife as a low risk client and to pay $350 registration fee at the time of initial visit (which is non-refundable).  Client will be required to keep her appointments and pay each visit, thereafter, and may file with her insurance company for reimbursement as she deems appropriate.  Client will be discharged from Midwifery care after 3 missed appointments in the 1st and 2nd trimester, and 1 missed appointment in the 3rd trimester. Point of Care Charges does not include additional charges for equipment, travel, medicines, herbs, support team, etc. that can and will be added to your overall cost of care.

    • Fee for Service at each appointment.  $250.00 per visit in 1st – 3rd trimester.

    • Superbill given to client for point of care insurance filing.  

Birth Fee & Immediate Postpartum only:  $1800.00 due before scheduled due date for OOH birth.

If you birth at W&C hospital, insurance and Medicaid can be applied to cover that cost. If you do not have insurance, the total cash cost at W&C for birth is $4,000 for a normal Vaginal Delivery and 2 day stay. This in addition to the above fee for Midwifery co-management..

Doula Support only: $1200.00 for in hospital birth. (This is not co-managed care with OB, there is no Immediate in-hospital Postpartum care.)

Postpartum Midwifery Care Only:

  • Fee for Service at each appointment.  $150.00 per visit

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